Mucca Pazza

Guess what Mucca Pazza is going as this Halloween!

Dress your fears as a way of confronting them!
It's Fall, a time for contemplating the passing of things. Look what happens to marching band uniforms when you stop playing! It doesn't have to be this way. Celebrate Halloween with Mucca Pazza, then go home and blow the cobwebs out of your instrument.

New Belgium Brewing
Santah is going to be there. WE ARE EXCITED! Come dance with us with them at the Logan Square Auditorium. No spoilers, we can't tell you what their uniform will be but you will recognize them by their redoubtable music.
New Belgium Brewing
Still need more costume ideas? Here are some links to get your creative juices flowing.
New Belgium Brewing
Did we mention that there will be P#!Z3$?!
Competitive Halloween Event means Halloween costume enabled envyable objects of recognition for significant whimsy and/or effort (trying to avoid spam filters here). Just make sure you can dance in your brilliant creation.