Chicago's MUCCA PAZZA orchestrates fun, (mostly) nonverbal excitement while conveying joy in the contemporary cultural milieu. Through genre-bending original compositions, improvised choreography and clowning, MUCCA PAZZA transforms ordinary space into a party to remember by engaging its audience with the sheer energy that only thirty hearts belting as one can produce. Sporting mismatched marching regalia and shouting surreal algebraic cheers, MUCCA PAZZA moves and plays at once, darting off in different directions and weaving in and out of the crowd, channeling everything from brass band groove to avant-garde game show themes without blinking.


Marching band on stage with cheerleaders. A dance party with surround sound, engaging interactive, transformative.


Big Band sound, variety show atmosphere. Band sitting on stage yet difficult for performers to stay in their seats, formal uniforms, band stands. Cheerleaders in fancy dress leading toasts. Excellent musicianship.


Festivals, ribbon cutting ceremonies. Party comes to the audience.


Site-specific performance. Marching Band playing with architectural opportunities of a given location. Highly interactive with audience. Need time on location to devise performance. Transformative, magical.

"Clowning constantly but playing precisely, Mucca Pazza's compositions invoke a world of brass bands and marching bands, from American high-school style to zigzagging Balkan tunes to something akin to a Fellini soundtrack - fun in a relentless way." \
New York Times

"Mucca Pazza: Is it a New Orleans jazz ensemble, a gypsy street band, a P-Funk-style soul collective in disguise, or a little bit of all of the above? Don't let the marching-band pedigree and costumes fool you β€” John Philip Sousa would not be amused. But the dancefloor will be filled as Mucca Pazza thunders across stylistic boundaries."
Chicago Tribune

"Seeing this irresistible band of horns and violins, guitars and accordion all parade in and eventually take the stage is infectious, chaotic fun. But it’s also an incredibly coordinated and choreographed performance full of cheers and bursting with energy that is easy to get caught up in."

"Chicago's Mucca Pazza splits the difference between Balkan gypsy brass bands and American football-game-style halftime marching bands with a brilliantly calculated mondo-bizarro dementia, and liberal amounts of humor."
The Wall Street Journal

Miranda Lange
Band Manager