"Rest On Muffin Street"
Composed by David E. Smith
Director, Cinematographer: Jim Newberry
Producer: Ronnie Kuller
From our EP Trick or Treat


"Mr. Spider Goes Home to Spiderland"
Composed by David E. Smith
Directed and Animated by Charlie Malave
Edited by Ben Chandler
Director of Photography Ben Chandler
Additional drawings by Landis Blair
From our EP Trick or Treat


"Barbarous Relic"
Composed by Andy Deitrich
Video by Matthew Shelton
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"Subtle Frenzy" (Composer: Ronnie Kuller)
"J'Accuse" (Composer: David Smith)
"Dirty Chompers" (Composer: Andy Deitrich)
"Holiday On Ice" (Composer: Mark Messing)
Mucca Pazza NPR Tiny Desk Concert
Bob Boilen's Desk @ NPR Offices in Washington, DC


"Dirty Chompers"
Composed by Andy Deitrich
Jim Newberry, Director. Melissa Weinmann, Editor.
Live audio from MassMOCA
From our album L.Y.A.


"Sit Down Waltz"
Composed by Ronnie Kuller
Chris Hefner, Director. Vanessa Valliere, Choreography.
Filmed on location at the glorious Ragdale Foundation
as part of Ronnie Kuller's 3Arts Residency Fellowship.
From our album L.Y.A.


Composed by David Smith
Live at WGN Studios, Chicago
From our album L.Y.A.


"1812 Overture"
Composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Arr. Joe Clark
Battle of the Bands: Mucca Pazza x Chicago Sinfonietta
Chicago Orchestra Hall, September 22, 2014


"Rabbits & Trees"
Composed by David Smith
Mucca Pazza at WBEZ (Rooftop Sessions Chicago)
From our album Safety Fifth


"Boss Taurus"
Composed by Gary Kalar
From our album Safety Fifth


WNYC Soundcheck with John Schaefer
Mucca Pazza: Colorfully Clashing Marching Band Rock (Jan. 29, 2015)

WNYC New Sounds with John Schaefer
Alt-Marching Bands & Other Brass (Jan. 22, 2015)

As heard on Amazon's original series Transparent
Tube Sock Tango - Season 1, Episode 8
Composed by Ronnie Kuller

Amazon Music Q&A: ‘Transparent’ Music Supervisor on “Timeless” Soundtracks

"Do you have a favorite musical moment in Transparent?

... There’s a scene where Maura and Connie (Michaela Watkins) have this flirtatious interaction, intercut with a young Ali (Gaby Hoffmann), who is having a first encounter with an older guy. We go back and forth between these dance scenes, with Ali and the older guy wrestling on the beach and Maura and Connie doing this sexy drunken tango. I used this song 'Tube Sock Tango' by Mucca Pazza.

 ... When I read the Transparent script that band immediately came to mindit’s not music you hear every day."

- Bruce Gilbert, Music Supervisor