What rhymes with Saturdays? Hatter Days! Join us on Saturday, June 10th at the 20th anniversary of New Holland Brewing for a celebration full of great bands and great beers. The festival will take place on College Ave between 8th and 9th Streets, as well as in the parking lot behind the New Holland’s Pub on 8th. Admission is FREE and the fun starts at 4pm.
SummerDance: it’s one of the very best things about summertime in Chicago, and we are so honored and excited to be part of it this year!!! We are working up a slew of our most danceable tunes to delight your ears and inspire your feet. From 6-7pm, our very own Donnell Williams will offer instruction in creative marching, interpretive procession, freestyle cheerleading, disciplined abandon, advanced pomwork, dweebstep, dorkstep, chompstep, monster steps, the hip replacement waltz, the shuffleclump, and some good old-fashioned jumping up and down. Right afterward, two (2!) Mucca Pazza sets will provide plenty of opportunities to try out all your new moves! Bring your marching faces and your dancing feet, we’ll supply the pom-poms!!! HOORAY!!!
(And don’t forget to keep visiting the Spirit of Music Garden (and neighborhood parks!) all summer long for more inclusive all-ages dance instruction and incredible live bands from Chicago and all over the world: full calendar here!)


Chicago's favorite violinist/singer/wizard Andrew Bird returns to his homeland to headline Ravinia Fest and has graciously invited the dearest weirdos of Mucca Pazza to open the evening. Running, leaping, looping, laughing and beauty are all on this summer set list -- hope you can join the fun! Snacks mandatory, jumping in the lake optional.
Mucca Pazza

The time has come for us to polish up our horns, restring our golden lyres, and hitch our wagon to Apollo’s chariot: like the Sun, Mucca Pazza is traveling West! If you have friends in any of these fine cities, please make haste to send them a message by Pony Express: alert them that an orchestra with legs approaches, across river, through plain and over mountain!
Reno, NV 3/31! Davis, CA 4/1! San Francisco 4/2! Visalia, CA 4/3! Los Angeles, CA 4/4! Las Vegas, NV 4/5! Read on for more!
3.31.17 RENO, NV | STUDIO ON 4TH
After 1,912 miles, our first stop on our West Coast tour will be our first ever show in the Biggest Little City! We’re excited to play the Studio on 4th, which by all accounts is the place to be in Reno.
You Only Live Once - and Davis, CA is the most populous city in Yolo County! We wouldn’t dream of missing an opportunity to play in the most bicycle-friendly town in the world.
Oh San Francisco, how we love you! Meet us at the Bottom of the Hill on Sunday night and we will play you a heartfelt serenade that just might blow the fog all the way across the Bay.
Calling all odd fellows to the Odd Fellows Hall: Mucca Pazza promises to bring the weirdness and all you have to do is get there!
We’re gonna be a star! If you’re in LA, come kick up your boots with us at the Bootleg Theater on April 4th.
Our first proper Sin City show be our last of the tour. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… for one night only, and then it goes back home to Chicago. Skip the slot machines and meet us at the Bunkhouse Saloon - we’re a gamble you’re certain to win.



What goes well with high-energy collider physics? A herd of American Bison? Well, sure, but also: a high-energy occasionally colliding marching band! All particles are invited to accelerate towards Fermilab for a very special Mucca Pazza concert, the kick-off event of Fermilab’s 50th anniversary season. We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the first half-century of Fermilab’s research, which has immeasurably advanced humankind’s understanding of energy, matter, space and time - all of which we use in every single one of our performances. Science demonstration (!!!!!) and dessert at 7pm, Mucca Pazza at 8pm - strange quarks and all ages welcome.



Did you know that in addition to inspiring spontaneous jumping-up-and-down, uncontrollable absurdist cheering, and unexplained joy, Mucca Pazza recordings also work very well as a remedy for CCEFS (Christmas Carol Earworm Fatigue Syndrome)? If you’re looking to add some unconventional cheer to your New Year and holidays while cleaning your brain from those jingly bells and strangely sticky boughs of holly, look no further than our store. For the rest of this month, any and all music ordered will be signed by Mucca Pazza members! Order by December 19th to guarantee placement under that spruce tree in the living room.


If you know anyone in or near Bloomington-Normal, guess what, we will be performing on what was once the largest stage west of New York on January 28! It’s a short hop or four from Chicago (we know, because we’ll be driving up and back the same day), so come join us for a glorious ringing in of the newish year at the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts.

Warm hugs,


Mucca Pazza

Guess what Mucca Pazza is going as this Halloween!

Dress your fears as a way of confronting them!
It's Fall, a time for contemplating the passing of things. Look what happens to marching band uniforms when you stop playing! It doesn't have to be this way. Celebrate Halloween with Mucca Pazza, then go home and blow the cobwebs out of your instrument.

New Belgium Brewing
Santah is going to be there. WE ARE EXCITED! Come dance with us with them at the Logan Square Auditorium. No spoilers, we can't tell you what their uniform will be but you will recognize them by their redoubtable music.
New Belgium Brewing
Still need more costume ideas? Here are some links to get your creative juices flowing.
New Belgium Brewing
Did we mention that there will be P#!Z3$?!
Competitive Halloween Event means Halloween costume enabled envyable objects of recognition for significant whimsy and/or effort (trying to avoid spam filters here). Just make sure you can dance in your brilliant creation.

Halloween Rumpus Tickets On Sale Now

Halloween Rumpus Tickets On Sale Now

Mucca Pazza is throwing a Halloween Rumpus at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago and we don't want to see you there. We do of course want to see your costume and guess that it's really you. Not required, absolutely advised, you might want to start thinking about your uniform, we mean costume, early. You have until Friday, October 28. Fellow Chicagoians Santah kick off the evening with a set of hook-laden pop gems.

Halloween Tickets Available on Ticketweb

Mucca Pazza

Halloween Costume? You're gonna want one this year!

Mucca Pazza is throwing a Halloween Rumpus at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago and we don't want to see you there. We do of course want to see your costume and guess that it's really you. Not required, absolutely advised, you might want to start thinking about your uniform, we mean costume, early. You have until Friday, October 28.

New Belgium Brewing
New Belgium Brewing's 25th Birthday Bash and celebration of the new New Belgium Brewing facility in Asheville, North Carolina on August 27, 2016. Here's a refresher on the Mucca Pazza birthday cheer:
Round round, go around.
Go around another round.
Round the sun, have some fun.
Buy a round for everyone!
It's your birthday, hap-happy birthday.
It's your birthday, hap-happy birthday.
Yeah mom!
New Belgium Brewing
Mucca Pazza is going into the recording studio in September!
This means new tunes, new songs, new music and new numbers--just when you thought all the imaginary numbers already existed.


Logan Square x Palmer Square = Mucca Pazza4

be there and/or be square

Tour de Fat is in Chicago this weekend, Saturday, July 9th!
Bike parade takes off at 11:00 a.m.
Mucca Pazza plays at 1:00 p.m.
Dr. Dog plays at 3:40 p.m.


Including Fanfare for Marching Band featuring Mucca Pazza!

Thursday, August 11th

Broadway Armory Park
5917 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60660
Map - Info - Free

Speaking of Local Shorts...

Mucca Pazza Shorts are on sale for the rest of the month!

40% off
 60% if you keep them on!!!

(what does that even mean)

Seriously, every pair comes with a Free Fanny (pack).

In the future, see Mucca Pazza Sitting in Chairs at the Racine Zoo

Wednesday, August 3rd in Racine, 
Let us see your hand signals!
Mucca Pazza

Just Announced: Tour de Fat 2016

Just Announced: Tour de Fat 2016

See Mucca live on July 9th, when Tour de Fat, New Belgium Brewing's traveling celebration of all things bicycle, rolls through Chicago's Palmer Square neighborhood.

Join the masses at Palmer Square Park for a costumed bike parade, live music, a 1,000 Person Dance Contest (to win a bike!) a Slow Ride competition (how slow can you go?) and more. 


10:00 am - Ride Registration
11:00 am - Bike Ride  
12:00 pm - Fashion Showdown  
12:30 pm - Slow Ride
1:00 pm – Mucca Pazza
2:10 pm - The Bike is Right! Game show to win a 2016 New Belgium bike!
3:00 pm - Car For Bike Trade   
3:40 pm – Dr. Dog
5:00 pm - Adios Amigos! 

The event is FREE with proceeds from beer sales go to local non-profits. 

We’ll see you soon for bikes, beer and bemusement!

Holiday Specials In Our Webstore

Holiday Specials In Our Webstore

For a limited time, we are offering SIGNED LPs and CDs in our merch store! All titles purchased between November 30th and December 20th will be personalized by members of Mucca Pazza and each order will receive a special gift. Go ahead, peruse the selection over yonder.

Mucca Pazza Community March @ The 606/Bloomingdale Trail Grand Opening Day

Mucca Pazza Community March @ The 606/Bloomingdale Trail Grand Opening Day

Mucca Pazza is thrilled to be a part of the 606 & Bloomingdale Trail Opening Day Festivities! We are partnering with Opera-Matic and Bateria Quilombola & helping lead two of the many participatory trail-top processions that will be occurring throughout the day. Tell your friends, bring the kids, and join the parade! Here's the details:

11:30am: meet up at Park 567 (just north of the trail at Milwaukee and Leavitt) where Opera-Matic Makers will help you create your very own flag, and Opera-Matic Movers will help you brush up on your flag corps moves!

12:30pm: Let that freak flag fly! Join the community parade and follow Mucca Pazza up the long and winding ramp to the 606, then march east along the trail with us towards Walsh Park! Along the way we will encounter Bateria Quilombolo and more flag-waving friends.

Take a rest, eat a snack, drink some water, reapply your sunscreen, and then... DO IT ALL AGAIN!!!

2:30pm: meet up at Humboldt and Bloomingdale, just north of the trail, where Opera-Matic Makers will help you create your very own flag, if you don't already have one, and Opera-Matic Movers will help you brush up on your flag corps moves!

3:30pm: Let that freak flag fly! Join the community parade and follow Mucca Pazza up the straight and narrow ramp to the 606, then march east along the trail with us back towards Park 567! Along the way we will (once again) encounter Bateria Quilombolo (are those guys following us?!) and more flag-waving friends. Hooray!

The 606 takes Chicago’s legacy of great parks to new heights. The 606 has the elevated 2.7-mile Bloomingdale Trail as its centerpiece; when fully built out, the trail will be connected to six neighborhood parks at ground level, a wheel-friendly event plaza, an observatory, art installations, educational programming and other amenities. Set above city streets, it’s a new way to explore Chicago on trails for biking, running and strolling. The 606 also connects parks, people, and communities; what once physically separated four neighborhoods now will knit them together and attract visitors from throughout Chicago and beyond. Imaging block after block of uninterrupted trails. Kids will learn to ride their bikes up here, commuters will find a new shortcut to work, and neighbors will make new friends. The 606 will change what it means to go to the park. The 606 runs along Bloomingdale Avenue (1800N) on Chicago’s northwest side, and is a partnership between the City of Chicago, The Chicago Park District and not-for-profit The Trust for Public Land.

"J'accuse" Live On WGN Morning News

"J'accuse" Live On WGN Morning News

We recently made a stop at the WGN Morning Show to perform "J'accuse" from our new album L.Y.A., live on air. Check it out here after the jump!

L.Y.A. is now available on CD/LP/DIGI in our webstore.

Mucca Pazza vs NPR's Tiny Desk

Mucca Pazza vs NPR's Tiny Desk

The joy was HUGE! The desk was tiny!

Mucca Pazza had to move pencils and pens and papers and lamps and computers and printers and an Emmy so that they could stand and sit and jump and laugh on Bob Boilen's TINY. DESK.

Thanks to everyone at NPR Music for sharing their space with us.

Mucca Pazza On The Radio: We Heart WNYC Edition

Mucca Pazza On The Radio: We Heart WNYC Edition

Get down with our "gypsy punk, New Orleans funk, mambo tango, rock and roll circus" sound, right here!

Mucca Pazza on WNYC Soundcheck:

Hear even more Mucca live at WNYC on the New Sounds program!

More #tinytour spoils coming up soon!



We stood on ladders and boxes and desks. We packed and unpacked and repacked and only lost one phone charger. We made new friends in New York, danced in DC, and got Philadelphia's phone number. We bled a little, but it was worth it. WE WENT TO THE EAST COAST AND IT WAS GREAT!

Exchanging addresses, writing love letters, and counting the days until we return. Meanwhile, we are watching videos with the fierce nostalgia of the newly in love... Check this out: Evan "Funk" Davies w/ Mucca Pazza in session: JAN 28th @ 9:30PM-10PM EST

That's just the beginning folks. Stay tuned right here for more #muccamadness from the #tinytour!

In studio at WNYC

Mucca is headed to the East Coast! We won't stop till we get to Philly! Unless we need gas!! Or a snack break!!! Or if we get a call from John Schaefer asking us to stop in for a quick session @WNYC! Tune in and listen to Mucca live on WNYC at 3pm EST:

East Coast Bound

Mucca Pazza keeps finding itself in good company. We've worked with local teachers, bands and choirs, performed at national organizations, schools and theaters, wined-and-dined with presidential arts supporters, and promoted health-issues awareness in Italy*. We've met inspiring mentors, students, parents, and philanthropists of all types, not just the wealthy ones. Along the way we've been to cool places, like, an acoustically perfect stage nestled inside a Frank Gehry sculpture in a huge park next to a giant lake, and an old Sprague capacitor factory turned into one of the world's greatest museums of modern art in the Appalachian Plateau of Massachusetts. So, in keeping with our legacy of celebrating others' greatness, especially the younger others', we're proud to announce we're playing at the 2015 IPAY showcase, this year in Philadelphia! It's an international conference put together by an amazing organization of arts professionals who are involved in arts performance, programming and education for young people, by old people, like us. Puppetry, theater, music, dance, and of course, Mucca Pazza weird; it oughtta be just what these damn kids need! And just in case you're cool enough to be in Philadelphia but not cool enough to be invited to the conference, we're at Underground Arts the next evening!