Mucca Pazza On The Radio: We Heart WNYC Edition

Mucca Pazza On The Radio: We Heart WNYC Edition

Get down with our "gypsy punk, New Orleans funk, mambo tango, rock and roll circus" sound, right here!

Mucca Pazza on WNYC Soundcheck:

Hear even more Mucca live at WNYC on the New Sounds program!

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We stood on ladders and boxes and desks. We packed and unpacked and repacked and only lost one phone charger. We made new friends in New York, danced in DC, and got Philadelphia's phone number. We bled a little, but it was worth it. WE WENT TO THE EAST COAST AND IT WAS GREAT!

Exchanging addresses, writing love letters, and counting the days until we return. Meanwhile, we are watching videos with the fierce nostalgia of the newly in love... Check this out: Evan "Funk" Davies w/ Mucca Pazza in session: JAN 28th @ 9:30PM-10PM EST

That's just the beginning folks. Stay tuned right here for more #muccamadness from the #tinytour!

In studio at WNYC

Mucca is headed to the East Coast! We won't stop till we get to Philly! Unless we need gas!! Or a snack break!!! Or if we get a call from John Schaefer asking us to stop in for a quick session @WNYC! Tune in and listen to Mucca live on WNYC at 3pm EST:

East Coast Bound

Mucca Pazza keeps finding itself in good company. We've worked with local teachers, bands and choirs, performed at national organizations, schools and theaters, wined-and-dined with presidential arts supporters, and promoted health-issues awareness in Italy*. We've met inspiring mentors, students, parents, and philanthropists of all types, not just the wealthy ones. Along the way we've been to cool places, like, an acoustically perfect stage nestled inside a Frank Gehry sculpture in a huge park next to a giant lake, and an old Sprague capacitor factory turned into one of the world's greatest museums of modern art in the Appalachian Plateau of Massachusetts. So, in keeping with our legacy of celebrating others' greatness, especially the younger others', we're proud to announce we're playing at the 2015 IPAY showcase, this year in Philadelphia! It's an international conference put together by an amazing organization of arts professionals who are involved in arts performance, programming and education for young people, by old people, like us. Puppetry, theater, music, dance, and of course, Mucca Pazza weird; it oughtta be just what these damn kids need! And just in case you're cool enough to be in Philadelphia but not cool enough to be invited to the conference, we're at Underground Arts the next evening!