What the Press has to say

"Clowning constantly but playing precisely, Mucca Pazza's compositions invoke a world of brass bands and marching bands, from American high-school style to zigzagging Balkan tunes to something akin to a Fellini soundtrack - fun in a relentless way." - The New York Times

"Chicago's Mucca Pazza splits the difference between Balkan gypsy brass bands and American football-game-style halftime marching bands with a brilliantly calculated mondo-bizarro dementia, and liberal amounts of humor." - The Wall Street Journal

“Wearing mismatched, thrift-shop marching-band getups and sporting a full range of brass, drums, violin, accordion and electric guitar — plus a gaggle of nerdy cheerleaders ("I Heart A Scientist," proclaimed one's T-shirt) — Mucca Pazza wreaks visual havoc onstage. But here's the surprise: It also puts on an incredibly tight performance, with music that's an irresistible blend of punk DIY aesthetics, a Balkan brass lilt and the irrepressible energy of good old-fashioned American high-school marching bands.” - NPR Music

“Seeing this irresistible band of horns and violins, guitars and accordion all parade in and eventually take the stage is infectious, chaotic fun. But it’s also an incredibly coordinated and choreographed performance full of cheers and bursting with energy that is easy to get caught up in.” - WNYC

“John Philip Sousa would not be amused.” - Chicago Tribune

“Sophisticated weirdness” - Chicagoist

“One of the city's most unique musical experiences.” - Time Out Chicago

“What Mucca Pazza has done with its quirky style and high-energy performances is what band geeks like me used to consider impossible: They have made marching band cool.” - Vegas Seven