Upcoming Shows


It’s always Friday night somewhere; that’s the way Daylight Savings Time works, right? If you got a room that needs to be warmed, ice that wants breaking, conversation that requires stimulation – and most of all, if you have a community that demands a musical entertainment show, Mucca Pazza has more than enough pieces to fit into all these puzzles. 

What the community will think...they won’t have time to think before they’re occupied by Mucca Pazza, overwhelmed not simply by numbers but with the sheer energy and pure vibe that only thirty hearts belting as one can produce. With a brassy blare, bodies flying through the air, amplified headgear and synchronized dance steps, Mucca Pazza transforms the night into a raging party. No matter how well built the space is, Mucca Pazza will raise the roof off that sucker by the time they’re through. 

This mostly-motley (but super-friendly!) crew take their liberties in best DIY style, mixing and matching the brass and reeds and percussives with classical strings, mandolin, accordion and electric guitar; doing the same with whatever scraps, hats and uniforms they have left over from school, and topping their onslaught with a brace of free-thinking cheerleaders. Their music is drawn from life as we know it today, an inclusive brew of  Stravinsky to Morricone to band-camp funk-rock, concocted with a hip-pocket primer of Balkan folk brass and the wacky persistence of golden-age television memory. But this is no mere braniac chamber-exotica outfit. Music to Mucca Pazza is about moving and playing at the same time. Your experience of Mucca Pazza will be about moving and hearing at the same time. They are a physical force for good, orchestrating fun, providing wholesome, all-American non-verbal excitement while fusing highbrow and lowbrow into a raised monobrow that conveys joy in the contemporary cultural milieu. How better to do so than with a varied and versatile mobile orchestra, taking the audience along with them in a pied piper processional, lifting spirits up and into the air until everyone is a part of the spectacle, playing along with the band in a communal display of might and majesty, mockery and mischief? 

Everybody wants to live, but some people are still waiting for the right soundtrack, the right circus to come around, and don’t even know it yet. If you want your turn at the brass ring, then place the call today and Mucca Pazza will come marching down the road to your town.