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Mucca Pazza is an intrepid interdisciplinary instrumental music ensemble from Chicago, IL. Over the last 14 years, they have made a name for themselves playing alarmingly danceable music composed and arranged especially for their implausible instrumentation by band members - original music which defies classification but has bloomed out of manifold influences, from surf to Stravinsky, from Bartok to Zappa, from Esquivel to Ellington. In addition to blaring trumpets, slithering saxophones, clarinets, trombones, and tubas, the band boasts a drumline that seems to share a single nervous system, an entire section of disparate instruments that don’t belong anywhere near a marching band (electric guitars, accordion, violin, and yes, a cello), and contains within its multitudes a cheer squad that performs absurdist cheers and asymmetrical, impressively low-to-the-ground pyramids. No-one has ever been completely certain of the exact number of people in Mucca Pazza. Everyone can be completely certain that this group of weirdos belongs together! Mucca Pazza: embracing the absurd! in solidarity with the improbable!


“Mucca Pazza’s compositions invoke a world of brass bands and marching bands, from American high-school style to zigzagging Balkan tunes to something akin to a Fellini soundtrack – fun in a relentless way.” – The New York Times

“Mucca Pazza: Is it a New Orleans jazz ensemble, a gypsy street band, a P-Funk-style soul collective in disguise, or a little bit of all of the above? Don’t let the marching-band pedigree and costumes fool you — John Philip Sousa would not be amused. But the dancefloor will be filled as Mucca Pazza thunders across stylistic boundaries.” – Chicago Tribune

“Wearing mismatched, thrift-shop marching-band getups and sporting a full range of brass, drums, violin, accordion and electric guitar — plus a gaggle of nerdy cheerleaders ("I Heart A Scientist," proclaimed one's T-shirt) — Mucca Pazza wreaks visual havoc onstage. But here's the surprise: It also puts on an incredibly tight performance, with music that's an irresistible blend of punk DIY aesthetics, a Balkan brass lilt and the irrepressible energy of good old-fashioned American high-school marching bands.” - NPR Music

“Infectious, chaotic fun.” - WNYC

“Chicago’s Mucca Pazza splits the difference between Balkan gypsy brass bands and American football-game-style halftime marching bands with a brilliantly calculated mondo-bizarro dementia, and liberal amounts of humor.” – The Wall Street Journal

“One of the city's most unique musical experiences.” - Time Out Chicago

“Sophisticated weirdness” - Chicagoist

“What Mucca Pazza has done with its quirky style and high-energy performances is what band geeks like me used to consider impossible: They have made marching band cool.” - Vegas Seven


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Live by Courtney Burke

Live by Michelle Shiers

Cafeteria by Jane Kohlman Deitrich



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Close Up Outdoors by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Outdoor Spectacle by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago 

Clump by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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Black Mucca Pazza Logo

White Mucca Pazza Logo


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Mr. Spider Goes Home To Spiderland

Boss Taurus

Barbarous Relic

Dirty Chompers


12.19.06          A Little Marching Band – Leather Bus Records - CD/Digital

08.01.08          Plays Well Together – Leather Bus Records - CD/Digital

11.05.11          Fanfare For Marching Band – Hairless Films - DVD

06.12.12          Safety Fifth – Electric Cowbell - CD/LP/Digital

08.21.12          “Tube Sock Tango” Remix Single +2 – Electric Cowbell - 7”

10.31.12          “Tube Sock Tango” Single - Edison Labs - Flexi Disc

10.30.14           L.Y.A. – Leather Bus Records - CD/LP/Digital

07.21.17          “Barbarous Relic” Single - Leather Bus Records - Digital

10.27.17          Trick or Treat EP - Leather Bus Records - Digital

10.19.18          “War of Amusements” Single - Leather Bus Records - Digital